Effortless Content Creation
Videos are the new blogs
Share your company's stories without filming
(or hiring UGC)
Drive sales and engagement without
any bottlenecks in the creative process
Save time and production resources by not having to film or edit
Make revisions with a few clicks, not days of re-shoots and production
Alignment for the business, creative, and marketing teams
Improve ROAS,
with real-time suggestions
Citron does all the heavy lifting,
Save your valuable time
Say goodbye to filming
It’s all AI Generated

Videos starring you
without filming

Videos are the new blogs

B2B Companies
Linkedin or Twitter, your customers want to see products in action, explained by the founder or sales person. Turn bullet points into videos in minutes.
B2C Companies
Merge creative + marketing efforts seamlessly. Opt for a Founder avatar or create a virtual influencer to narrate your brand's journey on social platforms and ads, all powered by insightful data
Individual Creators
Skip filming and reshoots. Your avatar is always camera ready with multiple backgrounds and lighting. Enter your script and Citron creates a social media optimized video for you to export to your favorite editing software

See it in Action

Videos using our custom Avatars and creative engine

What we do

Fully edited videos created in hours not weeks

Social Media Videos with Your Avatar

Meet or beat your CAC while focusing on avatar casting and creation, identifying core narratives, and establishing an experimentation cycle to grow a vibrant community.

Programmatic AI Video Ads

We craft avatars, pinpointing core narratives, and iterate videos twice to capture your brand essence. By connecting to your ad accounts, we optimize content based on data. Plus, we manage ad spend on one platform for maximum impact.

Avatar as a Service

We're all about the new SEO game: video search. No filming needed for our informative videos – we'll create avatars, maybe even your company's founder, to represent you. And when it comes to pricing, it's simple: the more content you need, the more flexible the rate.

Products + Pricing

Paid Marketing + Ad Creation
Don't know your CAC or want to improve your ROI?  

Generate video ads with a  influencer or founder avatar. Use a proven testing methodology to drive more conversions to grow or optimize your CAC

Starts at $1000/mo + ad spend
Social Media &
Explainer Content
Content marketing that actually generates sales

Save hours of content creation with a personal avatar ,   LLM scripting engine and editing team. No filming, agency or production team required

Starts at $1000/mo
Avatar as a Service
Text to Video
Have a team or want to DIY and just need a little boost?

Build a custom avatar with a live video shoot for 3 looks. Turn text to video and audio to tell your story with no reshoots or edits, do it with just a few clicks

$350 Setup +  $150/mo
Contact us for a customized plan that suits your company's needs
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Founding team

Emmie Chang

  • Y-Combinator alum, scaled companies to millions of users
  • Built a product for top 0.1% of content creators
  • Likes to hike and drink smoothies

Anand Doshi

  • Developed YouTube channels with 300M monthly views
  • Generated $25M in organic ad sales
  • Loves his wife, dog, and meditates daily
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Grow sales with short form avatar videos. Talk to us about your specific use case and we'll get you videos in a few days (not weeks), no filming (or acting) required.
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Have questions?

What makes Citron Labs different from other avatar companies

Citron Labs differentiates itself with custom avatars optimized for social media. We use professional videographers and add specific processing elements to your avatar with the use case of driving sales and engagement. Citron is a marketing tech company that focuses on generating conversions with our videos– avatars and the scripts are just pieces that enable us to give you videos that perform to your goals. Citron Labs combines aesthetic appeal with strategic marketing to elevate your social media presence.

Who is on your research and tech team? Your founders seem to be from the growth and film /video backgrounds

Our research and tech team specializes in video and facial AI technology, developing realistic avatars customized for social media. By enhancing open-source models with our unique data sets, we achieve unmatched customization and realism. This approach ensures our avatars are not only unique but also highly engaging, driving the innovation behind our client-focused solutions.

I have a highly technical company, does this still work for my company?

Yes, videos are the new blogs. Nobody has time to read a technical paper or check out an infographic on Linkedin. Short form videos boost engagement. We use the same principles to generate videos for B2B technical companies as we do with our highest converting B2C clients.

Can I get a videographer to shoot my avatar if I’m in XXXX?

Yes, we’ve already sent professionals to shoot in foreign places like Tulum and Malaysia. We’re based in Los Angeles, but available globally– social media never sleeps.

Does Citron make the whole video or do I have to write scripts?

Yes, Citron Labs makes the whole video and you only need to provide blurbs and connect your existing digital content (social profiles, websites, etc) for us to generate videos. For the self serve avatar, we can offer suggestions, but it’s up to you to make your own social videos.

What makes Citron Labs' videos effective for generating sales?

Our videos are crafted based on data-driven insights, ensuring they are highly targeted and relevant to your audience. By combining compelling narratives with customized AI Avatars, we create captivating content that drives viewer engagement and encourages conversions.

How does Machine Learning improve the video creation process?

Machine Learning allows us to analyze feedback from video performance in real-time, identifying what resonates with your audience. This insight helps us continuously refine our scripts and avatar interactions, ensuring your content remains effective and engaging over time.

How easy is it to integrate Citron Labs' videos into our existing marketing strategy?

Getting started is simple. Contact us through our website, and one of our team members will reach out to discuss your needs. We'll then guide you through our process, from initial consultation to the final delivery of your customized video content.